Customer Review is operating in the lending market from number of years. The lending market has evolved over the numbers of the years and the trends have increased have abruptly. As the number of borrowers is increasing same is the same with the lenders as well. In this time debtors are looking or the companies who can give them relaxation in terms of the repayments. Some of the customers repay as per their affordability and some of them want to get rid of loan at earliest time. In this is facilitating the customers by giving them the option of easy loan repayments; where loan can be paid back in 12 months at minimum.

The company has made its reputation by building the positive image amongst its customers. The reliable, customer friendly services, less documentation and hassle free processing has always been admired by the debtors. The after sales support is incredible and that is the reason; people admire the logbook loan provided by the 12monthpaayday. Some of the customers have reviewed the services on various blogs, review website and even on random sites as well.

Alex states in one of the site:

“Logbook loans are a way of securing money using your vehicle as safety/ protection. You hand over ownership of the vehicle to the logbook loan company until the loan has been paid back. Although this is collateral but has paid be off very well. I was in dire need of money and my friends refused to give me money as I was already in debt with them; at that time I had no choice other than to take loan on behalf of my car and I took the right decision by contacting 12monthspayday. The customer service is excellent and they elaborated me each and every step; so that there is no pitfall in the process of loan. I am happy that I took the right decision for logbook loan. This has really helped me out to payback the loan for friends and I finished the construction of my home as well. I am thankful to them for their 24/7 support and patience to understand my needs and inquiries.”

Jenny is one of the blogger and while her experience with the logbook loan she has well praised the customer service of 12monthpayday. She states that:

“There are no strings attached to the process. The process of logbook loan is crystal clear and they give you the choice to opt or leave it. They don’t force you to take a loan and that is the reason I like their service as they are very transparent in their processes as well the information about legal consequences.  APR is clear to see and had no trouble with payments as they make the plan as per the affordability. Very less documentation and quick cash transfer really helps to meet the urgent need and the best part is that your vehicle will be with you as up and running. Customer services are marvelous; where all the agents and services advisors are helping me out through this tenure.